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Original Medicare covers the cost of many health care services and supplies for eligible participants.  However, there are costs, deductibles, and co-pays under Original Medicare.  Participants must pay for those “gaps” themselves.

Medigap, also known as Medicare Supplement, is a health insurance policy made available through private insurers, like IAC, which can help fill in some of the gaps in Original Medicare.  While Medigap may not cover your entire share of the cost for services provided under Medicare, a Medicare Supplement insurance policy may help alleviate the financial burden of those unexpected gaps.

Please remember that a Medigap policy only works with Original Medicare.  Medigap policies do not work in conjunction with Medicare Advantage, group health insurance, or VA/TRICARE benefits.  Features and benefits of Medigap policies are mandated by federal and state law, and the core benefits are uniform among private insurers who make coverage available – cost is typically the only difference between Medigap policies offered by private insurers.  Consult your Medicare Supplement insurance agent for specific plan features, availability, and cost in your state.

Medicare Supplement insurance policies and products underwritten by Individual Assurance Company, Life, Health and Accident, are not affiliated with or endorsed by any agency of the U. S. Government or the federal Medicare program. 

Not available in all states. Medicare Supplement Insurance policy form number series 94050A; 94050F; 94050G; 94050N; 94070A; 94070F; 94070G; 94070N. In Oregon, 94070 A OR; 94070 F OR, 94070 G OR, 94070 N OR. In Pennsylvania, 94070 A PA; 94070 F PA, 94070 G PA, 94070 N PA.

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